Harvest Your Own Trees

Join us for our Christmas festivities. During the holiday season, the farm has been described by visitors as a "Norman Rockwell Christmas" experience, with four teams of horses and their harnesses jingling set the ambiance for the holiday celebration. Local volunteer groups help with tree sales and a choir set the tone on several of the days.

You can select a freshly cut tree or enjoy the experience of harvesting your own in our scenic fields. We can help you cut the tree or leave it up to you. Once chosen, your tree is transported to the tree baler where we wrap and then tie your tree onto your vehicle free of charge. The local booster club supplies the food and you can warm up around the marshmallow pit while singing Christmas carols. Visit our New Hampshire crafters fair and do your holiday shopping.

We take pride in what we offer:


Sunday Afternoons 2-4:00 pm is Locals Day. Discounts on Trees for Local Residents!

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