The Rocks Estate Guided Mobile Tour:
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  1. Tour Intro Sign - Look straight ahead to see the Fanny's Playhouse sign.
  2. Fanny's Playhouse - turn to your immediate left for The Carriage Barn sign
  3. The Carriage Barn - turn around and go up the trail beyond Fannie's and take a left for The Big House sign.
  4. The Big House - Continue on trail until come to 4 corners (about 1/4 mile); take left and go straight ahead to Forest Management area sign.
  5. Forest Management area; continue on trail to Sawmill Pigpen/NH Maple Experience sign.
  6. Sawmill Pigpen/NH Maple Experience. Go through sawmill-pigpen arch to fence to Wildlife Habitat Management sign.
  7. Wildlife Habitat Management - Turn and exit arch; go straight across trail to Maple Grove trail. Continue to top of trail and turn right, ending up at Fanny's Playhouse. Proceed down road bearing right towards the big red building to The Formal Gardens sign on the right.
  8. The Formal Gardens - Turn 180 degrees; go through foundation parking lot bearing left to The Pillars sign at entrance to field.
  9. The Pillars - continue on dirt road in field and take first right to top of hill to The View sign.
  10. The View - turn 180 degrees; go past the big rock to the Balsam Fir sign.
  11. Balsam Fir - turn right and go 50 yds. To Fraser Fir sign.
  12. Fraser Fir - Turn left and go back up dirt road towards Pillars to the Canaan Fir sign on right.
  13. Canaan Fir - Continue down the road through pillars and straight across road to big red building and the The Tool Building sign.
  14. The Tool Building - Gift shop and Office located here.
  15. Stop by The Rocks Gift Shop and let us know if you enjoyed the tour!

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