The Formal Gardens

The Terraces where designed in the early 1900s by the Frederick Law Olmstead firm, the designers of Central Park in New York City. Olmstead was a family friend of the Glessners and spent part of each summer at The Rocks. During his visit he would offer his advice about the gardens and Terraces.

The Tea House, which you see on the right of the gardens, was added in 1940 along with the pond, central stair, and the stone wheel at the top of the Terraces. The gardens were a favorite pastime for Mrs. Glessner, and she spent a great deal of time in them during the summer. A particular favorite of both her and Mr. Glessner where the lilacs planted throughout the gardens, of which there were 50 varieties.

The Formal Gardens


From The Formal Gardens - Turn 180 degrees; go through foundation parking lot bearing left to The Pillars sign at entrance to field.

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