The Big House

The picture below is a view of what the estate would have looked like in the 1880s. You can see the Big House, as it was called perched on the top of the hill. This was the main residence for Glessner and his family. Built in 1883 it was said to be the finest summer residence in the White Mountains. It had 10 bedrooms, and a total of 19 rooms.

As you can see in this photo most of the estate was clear cut at that time and has been turned into fields. Some being used to grow hay for the cows kept on the estate. You can also see the original Carriage Barn in this photo and the stonewalls that were throughout the estate.

The Big House at The Rocks Estate


From The Big House - Continue on trail until come to 4 corners (about 1/4 mile); take left and go straight ahead to Forest Management area sign.

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